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Hikevape, disposable pod manufacturer, one of the e-cigarette disposable vape brands in China. It was established in 2018.
As we all know, disposable pod vape is the vaping trend. No matter which vape market, the disposable vape sales go up a lot in the latest three years. Hikevape devote ourselves to producing good flavors and fashionable vape pods.
Toypod, another disposable pod brand belongs to Hikevape. It was established in the middle of 2023. Toypod, toy pod. From the name we know it is featured for its toy appearance and toy attribute. 

Toypod, cartoon style disposable pod vape brand. there are so many different styles of disposable pods available on vaping market. Cylindrical, tetragonal, boxy, mod style, etc. Toy Pod positioned specifically for producing cartoon toy disposable pods. 

No doubt that our customers are young people. The toy pod, not only for vaping, but also for collecting. Please make sure you are old enough to vape the disposable pods, no matter 18+ or 21+ for your country's legal vaping age. It is a good choice to collect them when the flavor is using out. Different colors, various shapes, some years past, it is your vaping history.

Hikevape, Toypod, our vaping products are for wholesale only. It is our honor that so many of you are interested in our toy cartoon style disposable vape. We are different from other big famous vape brand. Cartoon style is our feature. 

Through the website backend, we know that so many of you want to buy one or two pieces, especially for the consumers from Europe. You can suggest your local wholesalers to order from us. So sorry for the inconvenience.